Contribute to Royal Döner Stiftung

If you want to make a donation, the Royal Döner Foundation will use this amount for promoting the purposes of the Royal Döner Foundation or a speficic project.

If you need a deposit receipt or a bank statement of your donation for small amounts, please contact us. For higher amounts, if we know your full address, you will get a receipt for your donation (tax receipt) automatically.

If you support us regularly, you will receive a total tax-deductible in the following year of your donation.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will assist you promptly.

Our bank details

Royal Döner Stiftung AG
Holzwingerstrasse 44
8409 Winterthur
PostFinance AG
Mingerstrasse 20 • CH-3030 Bern
IBAN:    CH65 0900 0000 6155 9657 5